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Ronnie Coleman Workout

No one in the bodybuilding world pushed the envelope further than Ronnie Coleman. Ronnie is a rugged fellow (middle linebacker, police officer, etc.) and so is his training style. Ronnie worked at morphing powerlifting style workings into a bodybuilding style routine and the result was evident in his massive physique and his record eight Mr. Olympia titles. That is, eight times in a row he won the top title in the world, thereby validating his hard core training approach.

Ronnie Colemanís Killer Hybrid Workouts

Ronnie eschewed machines to focus on free weight work. Ronnie employed the heavy weight load of a powerlifting movement but for the higher repetition range of bodybuilding. Additionally, he zeroed in on the two biggest muscles regions in the body - the back and the legs. Both of his training sessions for these areas was legendary. For the back he smartly divided it into two portions, training the width angle in one session and the depth in another. This was super successful as he built an unbelievably wide and deep back.

He also attacked his legs with mind-bending hybrid workouts. For instance, he would perform the walking lunge - for distance instead of reps. He would load a heavy barbell on his back and lunge across the parking lot. He would perform this hard core lunge action for the length of a full football field - 100 yards. And he would do it twice. This was in the midst of also pumping out a leg session that looked like this:

5-6 sets of Squats for 2-12 reps
4 sets of Leg Presses (one of the few machines Coleman used) for 12 reps
The walking lunges
3 sets of Stiff-leg deadlifts for 12 reps
3 sets of Hamstring Curls for 12 reps

And remember, Ronnie was performing those 12 rep sets with staggering weight loads. If you want to push the outer limits of development, consider Ronnieís blend of powerlifting and bodybuilding.

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