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Best Natural Bodybuilding Routine

The very idea that we call the people that use steroids "bodybuilders" and we call the ones that don't use steroids "natural bodybuilders" shows there is something every wrong.

Bodybuilding was around a long time before steroids, and the very term bodybuilding seems to convey health and longevity. But steroids can harm your health and have caused many bodybuilders to die early, may have died in their 40's or 50's.

So the truth is there should be bodybuilding (which means natural by itís very essence) and chemically assisted bodybuilding. The one that use steroids, growth hormone, insulin, synthol, etc. are the ones that should have the label not the natural bodybuilders.

Ok, I have ranted enough, you want to know what is the best natural bodybuilding routine, and so I will tell you.

While I have known many chemically assisted bodybuilders, I personally have never used steroids or any other illegal muscle building drugs. I have only used hard training, good nutrition, adequate rest and legal supplements.

I can tell you the biggest difference between a chemically assisted bodybuilder and a natural bodybuilder is that the chemically assisted bodybuilder can train longer and more often because of the extra recovery they get from the drugs. Of course they also get many unwanted side effects and risk going to jail, but that's their problem not yours and mine. Out problem is how to make the most of what we have naturally.

So since you and I don't have the bottled magic to help us, it is better to train no more than one hour per workout and to aid our recovery it is better to follow each workout with at least one rest day.

One of the best ways to do this is with an every other day split routine, which has you work one half of your body one day with the next day being a rest day, then you train the other half of your body again followed by a day off. This has given me the best results in building muscle mass and strength, compared to all the other routines and splits I have tried.

If this is still too much for you or if you want or need to have you weekends off you can still use this type of training by doing your first workout on Monday training lets say legs, chest, biceps and abs, rest Tuesday, on Wednesday you do you second workout training your back, shoulders, triceps and calves, rest Thursday and Friday you go back to the first workout. You then take the full weekend off and on Monday you train you second workout on Monday, back to the first on Wednesday - and so on.

Try this natural bodybuilding training routine; you'll love it and the results you will get from it.

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