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Bodybuilding Trap Workout

All bodybuilders know that having 20 inch arms with no traps looks ridiculous but obviously the traps will strengthen even if you only trained your arms. The traps can be specifically isolated to target the upper or lower traps. To build traps you need to include a trap workout in your routine unless you are genetically gifted with good traps.

Trap training needs to be specific and that means form, just using a heavy weight because you can is not the secret of building traps. For example when doing shrugs the weight should be the same weight that you could deadlift 10 times reaching failure on the last rep. You should concentrate on form and reaching full contraction instead of the weight in your hands.

It is all about volume when it comes to increasing the size of your traps using the selected weight there are 5 different movements that can effectively isolate the trapezius.

The first movement for traps is D/B shrugs as mentioned above where you concentrate on the mind-muscle connection and squeeze at the top of the movement for 3 X 50 reps.

The second movement for traps is the high pulls which again require strict form using a heavy weight 3-5 sets for 5-8 reps.

The third movement is single-arm dumbbell upright rows which again relies on volume to be effective and should be rep for pound, this means if you lift a 50 pound dumbbell doing this movement you need to do 50 reps X 3 sets.

The fourth movement is a modified bent-over low pulley fly for 3 sets of 10 to 15 reps. This movement isolates the traps as you lift your elbows higher than your shoulders.

The fifth and last trap movement is low-cable face pulls where you are again doing reps per pound for 3 sets. Pulling the rope attachment to your face and squeezing at the top, you will feel a deep burn when done at the end of your trap workout.

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