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Shoulder Workout Routine for Bodybuilding

Training shoulders as a bodybuilder involves some serious lifting and care needs to be taken on this very special joint in order to avoid any permanent injury. There are too many people, both men and women that have stopped training with weights because of a rotator cuff injury.

If you want to get your waist to look smaller you need to develop more size on your medial deltoids, which means any pressing movements. However the medial deltoids are also very effectively isolated by doing a lateral raise movement with dumbbells or a cable.

This makes for a good warm-up before getting into any heavy pressing movements like a military press. One should always keep in mind that your muscles do not know how much you are lifting and any pre-exhaust that you might get from warming up will not diminish the returns that you get.

Using the Rear Pec-Deck Machine for a shoulder warm-up is also a good alternative to get the blood flowing into your deltoids before you start hitting them hard. It is good to note that many of the top professional bodybuilders will use pre-exhaust sets as a warm-up to heavy movements in order to diminish the risk of injury by using less weight.

Using a Smith machine when doing a seated military press is a very good idea as well as it will avoid your stabilizing muscles reaching the point of fatigue long before your primary muscles do. This is probably the main reason why using a smith-machine will work better for this movement.

We all know that if you want to grow muscles you have to get stronger and that means using a heavy weight and reaching the point of failure. Growing the size of your medial deltoid requires going beyond the point of failure which is best achieved by doing drop sets.

This is assuming that you have warmed up correctly and that you have no pain in your shoulders at all. Doing a military press you would then push out 4 to 6 reps with the heaviest weight that you can and always using strict form. The weight would then be reduced and 4 to 6 reps would be done followed by a third reduction in weight after no rest except changing the weight.

After completing 3 sets like this you should then go onto a different movement using more reps like doing a seated dumbbell lateral raise. Lifting the heaviest dumbbells that you can for reps between 8 and 12 can also do be done with a seated dumbbell press and use the same rep range.

Seated dumbbell front raises as well as doing machine press is something that should also be added to this workout to make it a solid high intensity workout. Be sure to not train like this every day, as you will leasd to over training quickly.

You should always alternate your training days so that you are not training with a high intensity every day. Even if you sleep enough and eat perfectly your body simply cannot take that kind of damage on a permanent basis without recuperating correctly so you need to always vary your workouts with low intensity and medium intensity training days.

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