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Bodybuilding Olympic Lifts Workout

The Olympic lifts or O lifts are what got the strength training athletes started over 40 years ago and most bodybuilders seem to have forgotten the hidden guide to building strength fast. The 1930's when bodybuilding was just getting started all Mr. America events started with qualifying by doing O lifts.

Some of the best bodybuilders we have seen came from Olympic weightlift from the very start of weight training by doing O lifts. Men like John Grimek, Sergio Oliva, Franco Columbu and Al Beckles all started out doing Olympic weightlifting and competed nationally and internationally very successfully.

From a bodybuilding point of view O lifts have been responsible for the massive amount of muscle shown by many Mr. Olympia winners like Chris Dickerson, Phil Heath and Samir Bannout. If you feel that O lifts would like to be something you would try then it is certainly a lot less complicated than you might think.

All you need to some practice on your form using light weights so that you get it right. Learning the basic requirements for the snatch or the clean and jerk are not as complicated as you might think. Movements like the clean and press and others just need a bit of focus on your form before you start adding weight.

If you plan your workouts correctly and you eat enough good food with adequate rest you will quickly see the amazing results that you can get from doing O lifts on a regular basis. The O lifts will increase your core strength that results in using heavier weights when you train which will get you increased lean body mass.

It is highly recommended that you get someone who really knows the O lifts to take a look at your form before you start to go heavy. As mentioned above it is vitally important that you do a good warm up when starting with O lifts. The routine listed below is what a beginner should start with.

Snatch: 8 X Double snatch
Clean and Jerk: 8 X Singles
Front Squat: 5 X 5
Clean and Press: 5 X 3

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