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Bodybuilding Neck Routine

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Bodybuilding Neck Workout

At some time in all our lives we get neck pain but research shows that strengthening the various neck muscles will solve these problems and reduce that ‘pain in the neck’ feeling. Having a strong neck has other benefits and as a bodybuilder the thickness of your neck will be directly proportional to your core strength, which is why boxers need to develop neck strength, as it will help stop a knockout punch from laying them down.

When developing strength in the neck muscles you always need to take extra care to never go beyond your capability. Injuring your neck is serious; one should always insure that stretching is done before you start the workout. Simple stretching like forward and lateral stretching is very effective.

The traps and deltoids are supporting muscles and can be done with the neck workout if you are not training them separately on another day. As mentioned above, weight selection is important as you are specifically trying to isolate the many different neck muscles.

Simple movements like lying face down on the floor or bench and placing a plate behind your head as you lift your head holding the plate for 3 sets of between 8 to 12 reps. One can do the same exercise in reverse by lying face up doing a plate resistance movement for 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps.

Another way is with barbell shrugs, which will also directly isolate your connecting neck muscles where you should do around 3 sets of 6 to 10 reps each. Or one could do dumbbell shrugs for 3 Sets Of 6-10 Reps. The various neck muscles will also be isolated when doing movements like side lateral raises with dumbbells. Although the movement is primary on the deltoids it will directly isolate the various neck muscles to ensure increased strength over time.

Developing a stronger neck when involved in sports like football, wrestling and hockey can make a big difference. The same with boxing and MMA it will make the sport a lot less dangerous and will help protect any serious injury. It is good to train your neck on a rest day or when you do calves.

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