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Bodybuilding Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebells have increased in popularity over the last ten years simply because they offer a quick effective workout that can easily be done in your garage, on the lawn or even in front of your TV set. It takes a while to get used to them and avoid using momentum, which if not done correctly can lead to injury.

The famous kettlebell swing when done correctly is not going to use momentum at all. If you perform this movement correctly with knees slightly bent, tensed glutes and straight back you will get all the muscle building and fat-loss benefits from using kettles, it takes a bit of practice.

Doing the kettlebell swing correctly involves an explosive snapping of your hips from the stretch position of the backswing. If this explosive hip snap is done correctly it will generate a lot of power. The more power you can get from doing this movement the more calories you will burn and the more fat you will lose.

Selecting the correct weight for the kettlebells you use will depend on your conditioning, better too light than too heavy. Kettlebell workouts are designed to accelerate fat-loss and improve flexibility but more importantly kettlebell movements can dramatically improve core strength.

The two workouts listed below should be alternated with a full days rest between the two workouts. The rest period between the different movements should be between 30 and 60 seconds as suggested. The tempo suggested in order to increase the time under tension (TUT) should be 4 seconds on the eccentric and 2 seconds on the concentric.

Day 1:
Standing Press 8 X 5 reps with 0-30 seconds rest
Double Bent-over rows 8 X 5 with 0-60 seconds rest
Double Front Squat 8 X 5 with 0-30 seconds rest
Double Snatch 8 X 5 with 0-60 seconds rest

Day 2:
Double Floor Press 8 X 5 with 30 sec rest
Double Floor Row 8 x 5 with 0-30 sec rest
Double Front Squat 8 x 5 with 0-60 sec rest
Double Swing 8 X 5 with 0 60 sec rest

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