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Bodybuilding HIT Workout

HIT is an acronym for High Intensity Training. It is a brutal workout requiring you to push beyond the point of failure and intensity. As seen in the example of the HIT workout listed below there is only one set and one movement for each body-part.

Good form is essential at all times, because you are huffing and puffing before you get under the squat rack does not mean that form is sacrificed in any shape or form. This intense workout is only part of a 12 week muscle building program where the sets and reps vary from 6 to 16 reps.

The movements are also changed so that the muscle is hit from a slightly different angle each week. The two workouts listed below would be followed by two days rest so that each body-part is trained twice every 8 days.

Each set in the workout needs to be pushed to the extreme while resting for as little as 30 seconds before moving onto the next movement. That means not stopping to move for 45 minutes. If the workout is taking longer than an hour then you need to lighten the weight.

Deadlift/Squat or Leg press 1 X 10-12 reps
Pull-overs 1 X 8-10 reps
Over-head Press 1 X 8-10 reps
Rows with D/B or machine 1 X 8-10 reps
Bench-press 1 X 8-10 reps
Biceps Curls 1 X 8-10 reps
Triceps Ext 1 X 8-10 reps
Chin-ups 1 X 8-10 reps
Parallel Dips 1 X 8-10 reps
Calf Raises 1 X 12-15 reps
Crunches 1 X 30-50 reps

Full Squats 1 X 15-20 reps
Pullovers 1 X 10 reps
Standing Overhead Presses 1 X 10 reps
Chins 1 X 10 reps
Dips 1 X 12 reps
Barbell Curls 1 X 10 reps
Shrugs 1 X 15 reps
Stiff-Legged Deadlifts 1 X 15 reps

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