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Abdominal Workout Routine for Bodybuilding

Of all the workout routines, especially focusing on the abs, I have found this to be the best training platform to date. It is thorough, hard hitting and gets right to the core of things. Just as Spring is a time of revigor, so will this routine be for you.

Nothing can take the place of a well sculpted physique with six pack abs. Keep in mind that half of your best results will come from the kitchen. The following is a routine that guarantees quick results.

This workout comprises of six abdominal exercises specifically selected to touch the upper and lower abs.

The first exercise will be the sit-up. This will target the upper and lower abs.

Start with your back flat on the floor, knees bent and your feet secured under a heavy piece of furniture (assuming you are at home). Place your hands upon your chest, flex your abdominal muscles and raise your torso to a near sitting position. Keeping tension on your abs, lower your torso back to the starting position. This exercise may take some getting use to. The second exercise will be the Leg Raises which also will target the upper and lower abs.

Second do the leg raise. Starting with your back on the floor, your legs flat on the floor. Put your hands on the floor by your sides for support. Again flex your lower abdominal muscles, raise your legs until they are straight upward. Slowly lower your legs back to the starting position. Continue with as many reps as you feel.

The third exercise is the leg raise & crunch. This also works the upper & lower abs. Position your back on the floor, placing your hands on the floor by your sides for support. Raise your legs straight upward. Now raise just your torso as far as possible in a curling motion without lifting your back. Lower your legs & torso to the starting position.

The fourth exercise is the Knee-Ins. Sitting on the floor or chair with your legs extended foreword and your hands holding the sides for support, keeping your knees together, bring your knees inwards towards your chest as far as you can go. Return to the start position and repeat these steps until fatigued.

Exercise five is the toe-toucher. Begin by sitting on the floor or exercise platform. Extent your legs in front of you, then bring them up as far as you can while leaning your torso foreword as much as possible. This is a modified version of a V-up. Continue with as many reps as you feel you can.

Exercise six are the crunches. Laying flat on the floor with your knees bent, place your hands on your chest, then raise your shoulders as far as possible in a curling movement keeping your back on the floor. Continue with as many reps as you can.

These are the primary exercises for the best and fastest abdominal sculpting. Remember that a proper diet is key to getting lean enough so your six pack will be clearly visible.

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