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7 Day Bodybuilding Workout Plan

Here is a fantastic free 7 day bodybuilding workout plan available for anyone who wants to turn over a new leaf and needs some motivation. However Sports Science has proven how importance your recovery is and the 7 day routine has to include a full days rest.

The seven day bodybuilding routine is something of a misnomer as there are many different variations on the 6 day split routine where you rest on Sunday. Often these 6 day splits are referred to as the 7 day routine, however that is simply not the truth as 6 days can be split many ways.

The 6 day split routine is 3 days on and one day rest which is 4 days. If you repeat the same routine again as you did on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday you will be training also on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and then resting on Sunday. The split of doing pushing movements on the first day and pulling movements on the second day with a leg day really works well.

Many professional bodybuilders will attest to the high intensity and brief workouts getting good results. The results that you get are directly proportional to your adherence to a strict eating plan. The 7 day bodybuilding routine needs to have one full day rest when you have trained your whole body over three workouts.

Another advantage of doing a 6 day split is that you can easily switch it around when you think you might be reaching a plateau. For example if you were doing your pushing movements like chest and triceps in one workout, you would then do chest and back and do a day with biceps and triceps only.

Many of the top athletes know very well that the body is constantly adapting to the stress we give it with exercise and when we change a routine every 6 to 8 weeks they can stay ahead of the curve. Your body does not get a chance to adapt to the new way of training because two months later it is getting the stress of exercise from a different direction.

It must be stressed here that if you have been training with weights for less than a year and you do not train a 6 day split of a 7 day bodybuilding routine. If you are starting out you need 48 hours to recover until your body adapts and you start getting stronger and putting on muscle.

Here is what a typical 6 day split routine would look like:

Chest/Shoulders/Triceps Bench-press 4 X 8
D/B flies 4 X 8
Military Press 4 X 8
Bent-over D/B raise 4 X 8
Scull-crushers 4 X 8
Tricep-pushdowns 4 X 8

Deadlifts 4 X 8
Pull-ups 4 X 8
Bent-over barbell rows 4 X 8
Standing barbell curls 4 X 8
Alternate D/B curls

Squats 4 X 8
D/B Lunges 4 X 8
Leg Curls 4 X 8
Standing calf raise 4 X 20
Seated calf raise 4 X 20
Seated Calf Raises 5 x 10-20

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