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6 x 6 Workout Routine

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6x6 Bodybuilding Workouts

Many bodybuilders consider Vince Gironda to have been way ahead of his time. He was constantly trying new techniques to see which got the best results, which led him to his brutal 6 X 6 workout which was just as brutal as the 5 X 5 workout but with less rest between sets.

This bodybuilding routine is certainly not for the feint-hearted as it is designed to get you to push your intensity to the max. Unlike the 5 X 5 workout that Vince got from Reg Park years before the 6 X 6 workout does not change the weight that is lifted.

Before starting the workout you need to work out what weight you should work with on a specific body-part or movement. The idea of the 6 X 6 workout is to not increase the weight for all 6 sets as you rest for a maximum of 30 seconds or 60 seconds between sets.

It took science 30 years to prove that high intensity training (HIT) was the most effective way to build muscle. Vince inherently knew this and the 6 X 6 workout is proof that it works just the way Vince said it would. It is a tough workout because you are not lifting a heavier weight with each set but rather pushing up the intensity level by reducing the rest time.

The idea is simple as you could be using the 6 X 6 workout using 6 different movements where you perform 6 reps on the first movement, switch to the second movement without taking a break and squeeze out 6 more reps. This is then done as a circuit where 6 different movements are done.

For example the 6 movements listed below are done for 6 reps on each station moving as soon as the last rep is complete to the next exercise. The routine is done 6 times which means a total of 36 sets for and fast a furious workout that will get you results, guaranteed.

Seated rowing
Plate-loaded leg press
Machine over-head press
Close-grip pull-downs
Barbell squats

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