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5x5 Bodybuilding Workout

The 5 X 5 bodybuilding program was made famous by Vince Gironda over 50 years ago but it has since been proven that it was actually Reg Park who started training with the five sets of five reps method a long time ago. It has proven itself to work and is used by advanced as well as beginners.

A warm up is essential because you are lifting heavy weights that you can only do 5 reps with. You should do 10 to 20 reps with a weight that is very easy for you to lift in order to warm up correctly. The objective with this program is to increase the weight that you use.

With that in mind the program should concentrate mainly on compound exercises with just a few isolated movements added also using the 5 X 5 system. Ideally you should be able to add around 5 lbs of weight onto your compound movements like bench-press or squats after only a week.

Below is a 5 X 5 routine that you could follow but it needs to be emphasized that the movements that you use for any weight-training routine should always be changed at least every 6 weeks in order to avoid reaching that dreaded plateau.

If you did Shoulders and arms and calves on Monday you would do Weighted Chin-ups for biceps, D/B calf raises for calves and Close-grip Bench-Press for triceps. You would then finish off with Barbell Military Press, Lateral Dumbbell Raise and Rear Delt Rows for shoulders.

On Tuesday you would again do 5 X 5 with Weighted Pull-ups for back and Weighted Chest Dip for chest with Lying Leg Curls for hamstrings and squats for quadriceps. You would finish off your Tuesday workout with 5 sets of 5 reps of Barbell Shrugs.

You would rest completely on Wednesday and then Thursday you would do Preacher Curls for biceps and Standing Barbell Tricep Extensions for triceps plus Front Delt Raise and Lateral Dumbbell Raise as well as Rear Delt Rows for shoulders. You would then finish off with Barbell Calf Raises and Seated Calf Raises for calves.

Your last workout of the week would be on Friday where you would start with Bent Over Barbell Rows for back and then Incline Bench Press for chest and then Stiff-Legged Deadlifts and Barbell Lunges for hamstrings. Your workout would end with barbell Shrugs for 5 X 5.

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