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4 Day Bodybuilding Routine

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4 Day a Week Bodybuilding Workout

I have tied so many routines over the years; I've trained as little as once a week following the advice of Mike Mentzer and up to 6 days a week following Arnold Schwarzenegger's advice.

But after experimenting with all of these routines, I seem to always go back to 4 day a week workout program.

I think working out 4 days a week has many benefits and works best for most people who don't use steroids and also have other responsibilities such as work, family, etc.

The usual way I do it is to workout on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. With Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday being rest days. This gives you 3 days of full rest and recovery and also the benefit of having the whole weekend off.

Another way to do it is to just train every other day, this ends up approximately 4 days a week, but you have to workout one of the days of the weekend if you choose every other day over the above plan.

So sticking with the Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday plan is usually the best.

Now most people these days seem to train a body part only once a week, but I think this is a mistake as you work the muscle and three to four days later it looks great and after a week it seems to have shrunk a bit already, I have always had my best gains in muscle growth training with less total sets but hitting each body part twice a week.

So for the 4 day routine where you are working each muscle group twice each week a push pull workout split is the logical way to go.

What I suggest is:

On Mondays and Thursdays work your Chest, Shoulders and Triceps.

On Tuesdays and Fridays work your Legs, Back and Biceps.

Keep the workouts under an hour by not resting more than 1 minute between sets.

If your main goal is to gain maximum muscle mass increase your calorie and protein intake and don't do cardio, sports, etc. on your off days - read a good book, rest, relax and grow instead.

But if your top priority is to burn off fat then low intensity cardio on your off days as well as a lowered calorie intake will help get you ripped.

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