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3 Day Bodybuilding Routine

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Three Day A Week Bodybuilding Workout

The three day per week bodybuilding routine is ideally used by weightlifters with a passion of adding more muscles on their body. The routine works perfectly well with trainees who have a slow recovery rate hence only exercise three times per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and take four days off the routine (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday). The full effects of the split program, which allows the trainee to skip a day or two after they have had their training, can be witnessed after 4 to 6 weeks.

Each of the training days is focused towards working out a specific muscle groups on a particular day and allowing the muscles to rest come the next day. This enables the trainee to lift weight with more intensity and without fearing that they may be over training. This three day training works in the following ways:

Day one is mainly geared towards working out the back muscles and the biceps. The exercises include bent over barbell rows and chin ups or pull downs for at least three sets each. Then, one ought to focus on 3 sets of barbell curls followed by dumbbell curls. The trainee can then take a day of rest come the next day.

During the second day of training or rather the third day of the week, the trainee focuses on the triceps and the chest. He/she should do incline bench press or flat bench press and dumbbell flys or pec deck for three sets. This has to be followed by dips and triceps push downs also for three sets each. The trainee can then take a day off come the following day.

On the last day of bodybuilding routine, the trainee focuses on the shoulder and legs muscles. These are exercised by doing squats, leg extension, leg curl and calf raises. And for shoulders barbell press and side raises or upright barbell rows.

To complement the three day per week bodybuilding routine, one has to ensure that they observe a good nutrition that is geared towards building their muscles. It's important that the diet contains a high protein content to help in building the body. Also, when starting, the trainee should start by lifting lower weights and then increasing them as they progress with the training. Although the results of your training may not be evident during the first few weeks, if the routine is regularly continued, the results will gradually become evident.

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