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The Best Bodybuilding Routines For Mass

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If you love bodybuilding as much as I do, then, just like me, you are always on the lookout for new bodybuilding routines to use. I made this website to share reviews of the workouts that I have found and tried so you can also try some of the best bodybuilding routines for mass.

If you have a program that has worked great for you and would like to see it added to this site, please email it to me.

Frank Zane Bodybuilding Routine
Most people would rather look like Frank Zane then the bodybuilders of today. Here is how Frank Zane actually trained back in the 1970's.

3 Day Bodybuilding Routine
The routine works perfectly well with trainees who have a slow recovery rate hence only exercise three times per week.

Female Bodybuilding Routine
Women must commit to their bodybuilding routine, as well as be prepared and determined to get the ripped body they dream of.

Beginner Bodybuilding Routine
When choosing your bodybuilding routine be sure not to copy the routine of advanced bodybuilders.

Intermediate Bodybuilding Routine
The intermediate level workouts are by far the most overlooked level in bodybuilding.

Advanced Bodybuilding Routine
If you are a advanced bodybuilder you will require a much more intense workout.

Arthur Jones Bodybuilding Routine
He invented Nautilus equipment and also developed his own brand of workouts he called High Intensity Training.

Home Bodybuilding Routine
You don't have to join a gym to make great progress in bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding Split Routines
What are best split routines for bodybuilding?

Powerlifting Bodybuilding Routine
Combining a powerlifting and bodybuilding workout routine.

Bodybuilding Routine with Dumbbells
Try this full body dumbbell bodybuilding workout.

Best Bodybuilding Routine
Is there really such a thing as the best bodybuilding routine?

Mike Mentzer Bodybuilding Routine
Here is the workout I used after reading the Heavy Duty 1 book.

Natural Bodybuilding Routine
What is the best natural natural bodybuilding training routine?

Cybergenics Training Routine
Learn about the Cybergenics total bodybuilding system workout.

Bodyweight Bodybuilding Routine
If can't get to the gym try this bodyweight only workout.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Routine
You can use Arnold's training approach to pump up your muscles.

Bodybuilding Stretching Routine
Being flexible allows for a wider range of motion in any of a variety of exercises.

Bowflex Bodybuilding Routine
Bowflex workouts have one advantage over standard training - it puts constant tension on the muscles.

Jay Cutler Bodybuilding Routine
The Jay Cutler workout combines intelligence with super intensity to force his body to yield to his will.

Women Bodybuilding Routine
Ladies - light up the muscles for a lean and mean physique with this bodybuilding workout for women.

Old School Bodybuilding Routine
Why look to “old school” bodybuilding to build your muscle? Because, the old school guys built incredible bodies - without drugs.

Periodized Bodybuilding Routine
Periodized workouts allow you to custom tailor your workouts to meet a specific goal or need.

Ronnie Coleman Bodybuilding Routine
Ronnie employed the heavy weight load of a powerlifting movement but for the higher repetition range of bodybuilding.

Wheelchair Bodybuilding Routine
Weightlifting while in a wheelchair provides a handful of challenges. However, it can be done, and done well.

Bodybuilding Mass Routine
What type of routine builds muscle mass? A routine that pulls the trigger on growth.

Bodybuilding Cardio Routine
Cardiovascular exercises will greatly promote and assist in fat burning.

Bodybuilding Ab Routine
Nothing can take the place of a well sculpted physique with six pack abs.

Bodybuilding Chest Routine
I would get a huge pump after this workout and my pecs would be blown up like balloons.

4 Day Bodybuilding Routine
I think working out 4 days a week has many benefits and gets the best results for most people.

5 Day Bodybuilding Routine
Ok, so you want to workout 5 days a week, what kind of split should you use?

Ectomorph Bodybuilding Routine
What is the best bodybuilding workout for ectomorphs?

Endomorph Bodybuilding Routine
An endomorph is the fat body type, this can range from just slightly "pudgy" to obese.

Mesomorph Bodybuilding Routine
Even if you're lucky enough to be a mesomorph, you still want to get the best results from your time in the gym.

Bodybuilding Cutting Routine
What workout will help you to lose fat and not lose any muscle in the process?

12 Week Bodybuilding Routine
12 weeks is a good measure to find out if you are doing everything correctly.

Teen Bodybuilding Routine
Training for teenagers has now got down to a simple for formula that needs to be followed.

7 Day Bodybuilding Routine
Here is a fantastic 7 day bodybuilding workout plan for anyone who needs some motivation.

Quick Bodybuilding Routines
Use these quick bodybuilding workouts for when you don't have time to exercise.

Bodybuilding Back Routine
Building a great back starts with the foundation just like any building it needs the basic compound movements to be done first.

Bodybuilding Shoulder Routine
Training shoulders as a bodybuilder involves some serious lifting and care needs to be taken on this very special joint in order to avoid any permanent injury.

Bodybuilding Leg Routine
Training your legs will not only put on muscle on your lower body but it will also increase your ability to hold more muscle all over your body.

Bodybuilding Bicep Routine
When most people think of big arms they always think of the biceps.

50 Plus Bodybuilding Routine
You can still gain and maintain the hard earned muscle you have gained after the age of 50.

5x5 Bodybuilding Routine
The 5 X 5 bodybuilding program was made famous by Vince Gironda and Reg Park a long time ago.

Full Body Bodybuilding Routine
When training your whole body three times a week you need to alternate the intensity that you train with on every workout.

Volume Bodybuilding Routine
Top bodybuilders, Mr. Olympia winners such as Arnold Schwarzenegger used high volume all the time.

1970s Bodybuilding Routine
The 1970s workouts were brutal often trained on a double split routine training twice a day.

Bodybuilding Neck Routine
Having a strong neck has many benefits for a bodybuilder.

Bodybuilding Routine Olympic Lifts
Some of the best bodybuilders we have seen came from doing Olympic weightlifting workouts.

Bodybuilding Tricep Routine
The size of your arms is directly related to the strength and size of your triceps.

Bodybuilding Trap Routine
To build traps you need to include a trap workout in your routine.

Bodybuilding Glute Routine
You can change the shape of your butt completely if you approach a glute workout correctly.

Bodybuilding Hamstring Routine
The hamstrings or thigh biceps are vitally important if you want to be a successful bodybuilder.

Bodybuilding 10x10 Routine
The ten sets of ten reps method; also called German Volume training.

8x8 Bodybuilding Routine
The 8 X 8 program is in a league of its own, Vince Gironda called it the honest workout.

Bodybuilding HST Routine
Hypertrophy-Specific Training is based on what has been conclusively proven to build muscle.

Bodybuilding Kettlebell Routine
A quick effective workout that can easily be done in your own home.

Bodybuilding HIT Routine
HIT is an acronym for High Intensity Training, which requires you to push to the point of failure.

6 x 6 Workout Routine
Not for the feint-hearted, it is designed to get you to push your intensity to the max.

Bodybuilding Offseason Routine
Off-season is a time to gain size, strength and power without getting over-trained.

Bodybuilding Squat Routine
The squat is regarded by most bodybuilders as the king of exercises.

Bodybuilding Running Routine
Sprints and shuttle runs will improve your ability to build muscle.

1950's Bodybuilding Routine
The great old school bodybuilders knew the value of training correctly .

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